Cum Bath

Sleep creep here again with another update. Today a sweet brunette takes a relaxing and deep sleep on the couch. But little does she know that she’ll get to have a surprise on her face when she wakes up. Her bf got turned on and jerked off and came on her sweet little face. So you could say the cum fairy visited her this afternoon. Enjoy a new and hot little babe that gets to have a surprise on her face quite literally as you can see. It’s great to see the action with cuties like this all the time so let’s just start it off and see the lovely little babe get a nice and sticky facial treatment for this fine afternoon. We guess you’re eager to watch it too.

The name of this hottie here is Deena and she’s also a brunette that’s very cute and looks amazing. She was taking her afternoon nap when her boyfriend decided to get frisky and well, that’s how she ended up in this situation in the first place. Take your time to see the guy whipping his cock out and see him starting to stroke it nice and fast. You get to see him jerking off at the sight of his beautiful little lady of course and when he blows, he makes sure to land it all on her cute face. So watch this lovely babe get a facial load of jizz this afternoon and enjoy the show. There will be much more to see next week, so we’ll be expecting you here then!


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Sleep Creep – Jayda

Jayda got her sweet tight teen pussy prodded by a big cock in today’s Sleep Creep update. Her Bf knows she’s a heavy sleeper and she wakes up very hard. So knowing this he always gets to have fun around with her pussy while she sleeps. She sais she doesn’t mind since sometimes she even cums in her sleep. Making her sleeping session very relaxing. To be honest, it’s no surprise that this babe can enjoy taking cock even when she’s asleep as she seems to enjoy sex a lot more than others. Anyway, let’s get the show going without delay as you simply have to watch the superb hottie in some sleeping action today and we know you’re eager to see it too.

Anyway, the scene starts and the guy makes sure to slowly take off her panties. And one might actually think that she was actually just pretending to be asleep. Well, it’s not below her to do that rest assured. Either way, the lucky boyfriend got to spread her legs nice and wide and got to put that nice and hard cock all up in her business without delay. Watch her gently moaning as her pussy gets a nice and deep penetration session today and enjoy the view. You can bet that there will be more new scenes ready for you next week so make sure you drop by. And also check out the past updates too, as you can see even more sleeping beauties fucked hard!


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Lights Out for Rachel

In today’s sleep creep update, sweet teen Rachel fell asleep while watching TV and when her boyfriend came from doing the grocery shopping he saw her sleeping peacefully. He wondered if he’d be able to fuck her tight pussy while she slept, and took off her clothes and inserted his dick in her pussy. Surprisingly she didn’t wake up, and he continued to fuck her too. Well it’s kind of hard to stop when you get to have your cock nice and deep in this adorable cutie’s tight pussy in the first place. So let’s just get to see the whole scene as the guy gets to fuck this cutie named Rachel uninterrupted for the whole thing. We bet you’re eager to see the action unfold as well.

Rachel had a pretty long day, and she did want to have some fun with him but she was pretty tired. Well as we said, the guy came back and she was sound asleep. He wasn’t one to not have the fun that she wanted, so even though she was sleeping, he still got to please her pussy. So sit back and watch as the guy gets on top of the sleeping brunette beauty and as she’s already sleeping on her belly, she gets to have his cock slid nice and deep in her pussy. It went on for quite a while like we said, and he even got to blow his load on that cute ass. And the bed god wet too as the babe got drenching wet down there too. let’s hope they don’t have too much cleaning up to do!


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Sleep Creep – Shawna

Shawna is today’s sleep creep sleeping beauty. Her man just came from work and he was looking to have some fun together with her, but the poor lady fell asleep right before he arrived. Not being one to back down so easily he gently turned her on her belly and and started to gently fuck her tight wet pussy, and even though she was sleeping she seemed to move her hips without realizing it, like she was getting into the sex thing subconsciously. Well either way, it’s quite amazing to see the action with her and that huge cock plowing her eager cunt anyway. So let’s just get on with it and see the lovely little babe getting to moan in pleasure this fine evening!

The cameras start to roll and as you can see, that is one nice looking comfy bed that she was in. And over her she had a nice and sleek satin sheet too. The only thing that she was sporting was a white tank top and nothing else. Well as you know, the guys around here get pretty horny so not wanting to risk upsetting her when she wakes up, he just proceeded to have his own fun with that cute ass and pussy of hers while she was dozing off. Like we mentioned you get to see her actually move her hips, and we think that she was surely dreaming something kinky while getting fucked too. Either way it’s a great scene and there will be even more for you to see next time!


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Deep Sleep

As you know sleep creep always brings you the best scenes of girls getting fucked or toyed with while they sleep. Today this very sexy brunette got her pussy fucked slowly but passionately while she was snoozing. It’s always amazing how some women sleep peacefully even when you do this to them. Great lady and great update. Enjoy the sight of another sleeping beauty getting toyed with and have fun. This brunette looks simply gorgeous and we’re sure that you will agree too. Her man sure thinks that since he can’t seem to help himself from playing with her superb body any way. So let’s get around to see the two in action.

The cutie was fast asleep when the cameras started to roll as you can clearly see and she looked so peaceful in her colorful bed. Well her bf was a bit horny and in the mood, but he didn’t really want to wake her up either. So since she was naked anyway, he took off his underwire and you get to see her long sexy legs spread nice and wide. Watch as the guy slides that big meat pole in her sweet pussy and watch as he starts to fuck her. You can be sure that the balls deep pussy plowing lasted for quite some time and the view is great. We hope that you enjoyed your stay as always and we’ll return soon with even more superb scenes for you guys to see and enjoy too!


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Sleep Creep – Finger-Fucking

In today’s Sleep Creep update a very hot lady fell asleep , but her trickster boyfriend couldn’t just sit around until she woke up to have fun with her. So instead while she slept he started to finger fuck her tight pussy until she started moaning, and eventually had a minor orgasm while she slept. We really hope you enjoy the sight of this amazing little lady  getting her sweet eager pussy prodded while she takes her nap today. So let’s take our time to check out this lovely lady’s pussy getting fondled for a nice and long while shall we? We know you’re eager to check it out as well so let’s just get the cameras rolling and see some kinky action without delay shall we?

It seems that our little beauty here loves sleeping nude and she has quite the playful bf. Well since she was fast asleep this fine evening, the guy decided to play with her eager pussy and maybe make her dream nice things as she’s getting pleased. So take your time to see the guy slowly lifting up the covers and revealing the sweet babe’s eager pussy and then watch him sliding his fingers in. Of course the babe kind of reacted to this as she started to moan while sleeping and she seems to have had fun. We’ll leave this one with you to enjoy and we’ll see you again next week with a brand new and fresh gallery. Bye bye everyone and don’t forget to stay tuned!


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Sleeping Blonde

Sleep creep is always here to bring you the best surprise sex scenes with the hottest sleeping women. And today this blonde fell asleep in this afternoon after she felt really tired. So her boyfriend wanted to do a little something something but she just fell asleep. Needless to say the guy still went for it and he fucked her tight pussy while she snoozed the afternoon away. And there’s no surprise that this guy couldn’t hold himself back. The babe is just gorgeous and cute. And to boot she has quite an amazing body too. Well, maybe she wanted it too, since she went to take her nap for the afternoon, the babe did so without her panties on as you can clearly see in this scene!

Either way, sit back and watch this scene starting off with the guy starting to play with her nice and cute round butt. You can even hear the blonde cutie moaning in pleasure as the guy eats out her sweet pussy and ass. And you can see that she was starting to get quite wet herself even though she was sleeping. Sit back and watch as the blonde cutie gets that cock slid nice and slow in her now dripping wet pussy and you can even hear her moan gently in pleasure while she gets her dicking. We bet that she must be having quite the dream with that cock plowing her carefully too. Anyway, enjoy it and see you guys next week with another new update. We’ll see you then!


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Hot sleepy babe banged

You are about to have a wonderful time watching the most recent video, where you will see hot Amy in action, even though she got to bed, trying to sleep. She was so tired that she felt asleep the moment she got between the sheets! But the best thing is that she was awaken by her boyfriend, who started to rub his giant cock by her naked body. See how is she going to spread her legs wide open, ready for a nice banging session and see starting to moan with pleasure, being ready to receive a super nice pounding. She got so excited that she thought that she was having a wet dream, instead of a real hard banging.

She got instantly wet, so she didn’t need a prior foreplay. See how is this guy going to pump her with eagerness, going in and out of her pussy, drilling her with eagerness. You got to see this fantastic video, to see what else is she going to do, sleepy as she is. See also the newest video update, and have a wonderful time seeing another horny babe pleased! Enjoy each moment and see this cutie’s pussy fucked nice and deep for the duration of the superb scene today. We will be bringing you even more new updates next week, so make sure that you stay tuned to see them everyone. Bye bye for now guys and gals and see you all then with more scenes!


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