Sleep Creep – Sarah

Today’s sleep creep update features Sarah, a blonde teen with a overly horny boyfriend. They have some great times during sex, but sometimes the dude goes one step further to even have sex with her when she’s asleep. Not that she minds or or anything. This time he went ahead and stuck his cock in her mouth while the lady was asleep. It’s not hard to see why he couldn’t help himself either though. The babe as you can see, is simply put the most adorable and cute little babe that you can see here and she likes to be a tease when she’s awake too. Well we did mention he’s horny so to get back at her, this is his revenge of sorts.

Be sure that the babe got to wake up sometimes as well, but she didn’t mind at all, in fact it kind of turns her on even more and makes her dripping wet too. Well let’s take our time to see her sound asleep this time as the guy gets to have some fun with her in turn after she teased him as well earlier today. So sit back and see him whipping it out. He was already rock hard and you can see him slide his cock in her cute mouth. Like the chicks from the lactalia site, she is crazy about sucking big fat cocks!  Watch him getting to face fuck this beauty for the rest of the scene and afternoon and rest assured that eventually the babe did wake up. And instead of letting him rest, she got to ride him hard some more as revenge in turn. See you soon with more!


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