Sleep Creep – Shawna

Shawna is today’s sleep creep sleeping beauty. Her man just came from work and he was looking to have some fun together with her, but the poor lady fell asleep right before he arrived. Not being one to back down so easily he gently turned her on her belly and and started to gently fuck her tight wet pussy, and even though she was sleeping she seemed to move her hips without realizing it, like she was getting into the sex thing subconsciously. Well either way, it’s quite amazing to see the action with her and that huge cock plowing her eager cunt anyway. So let’s just get on with it and see the lovely little babe getting to moan in pleasure this fine evening!

The cameras start to roll and as you can see, that is one nice looking comfy bed that she was in. And over her she had a nice and sleek satin sheet too. The only thing that she was sporting was a white tank top and nothing else. Well as you know, the guys around here get pretty horny so not wanting to risk upsetting her when she wakes up, he just proceeded to have his own fun with that cute ass and pussy of hers while she was dozing off. Like we mentioned you get to see her actually move her hips, and we think that she was surely dreaming something kinky while getting fucked too. Either way it’s a great scene and there will be even more for you to see next time!


Check out Shawna getting her holes stretched while sleeping!