SleepCreep – Ruby

Today’s SleepCreep update features Ruby. She’s a beautiful short haired blonde that’s always working herself until she is tired enough to sleep as soon as she lies in bed. Today she promised her bf she’d have sex with him, but she fell asleep shortly into foreplay. So what could the guy do, he went ahead and fucked her pussy as slowly and tenderly as he could as to not wake her up. She gets pretty cranky when she gets woken up for no reason, so that’s why he’s careful. But other than that, this babe always allowed her man to fuck her nice and gentle while she sleeps as it helps her get an even better rest while dreaming naughty things too!

And be sure that this lovely blonde likes it in all holes equally much. Since the guy was pretty eager today he was going to go for both as well and you can see him taking his time to plow both her ass and sweet pussy too. Sit back and relax as you get to see him slide off her panties first and even goes as far to please her orally for a bit. Then he gets on top of the problem as you can see and slides that hard cock nicely in her ass. Sit back and have fun seeing the babe enjoying a balls deep anal fucking that’s slow and passionate as she probably has some very very dirty dreams herself. Great update and we’ll bring you more of the same soon! For similar anal sex scenes, check out the site! Have fun and see you soon!


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